Mirror construction and replacements in Morisset


Morisset Glass & Glazing for your home or business. Whether you have a favourite mirror that has been broken, or you would like to have a custom mirror created from scratch, we can help you with what you’re looking for. Our team have vast experience in all aspects of replacement and custom design so you can get exactly what you need for your home or business.
Bathroom Mirror — Mirror Construction and Repairs in Morisset, NSW
Mirrors are for more than just using over the bathroom sink. There are several benefits to using them throughout your home. Some of these include:
  • Maximising lighting. The reflective nature of mirrors makes the most of a room's lighting fixtures. This can give a usually dim room a brighter and more open feel, making it more comfortable.

  • Increasing the perception of space. Having a mirror, especially a larger one, helps create the illusion of having more space than there actually is. This is ideal for small bathrooms or rooms with limited space.

  • They're stylish. Although when you think of wall decor you may be thinking of paintings or photographs, mirrors can create a beautiful display in your home. They not only draw attention to themselves as a focal point, they can also increase the overall appeal of the room as a whole.
Our team can create mirrors in virtually any size so whether it’s a large bathroom vanity over a double sink, or you’re looking for a stylish accent to update and enhance any room, we can help you design and create exactly what you want, but which may have become damaged during use. When it comes to glass, we are true experts, we can handle any project you have in mind.

Mirror construction and replacements


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